# ContactGlove MotionBuilder Plugin

This plugin is available for both commercial and non-commercial use free of charge. For plugin installation (opens new window).

# Features of ContactGlove Plugin

# The ContactGlove Plugin includes the following features:

  • Functionality to visualize hand pose information
  • Recording functionality for hand pose information

# On the other hand, the ContactGlove Plugin does not include the following features:

  • Retrieval of bending values for each joint's finger (float values ranging from 0 to 1)
  • Retrieval of controller input information
  • Operation of vibration modules
  • Operation of haptic feedback modules

# MotionBuilder Requirements

It operates with the following versions:

  • MotionBuilder 2019
  • MotionBuilder 2020
  • MotionBuilder 2022
  • MotionBuilder 2023
  • MotionBuilder 2024