# ContactGlove Product Specifications

Item Specification
Battery Capacity 1,800mAh
Continuous Operation Time Approximately 12 hours (built-in battery)
Charging Time Approximately 3 hours (when powered off)
Charging Method USB Type-C Connector
Hand Tracking Independent bending acquisition of each finger and joint
Haptic Feedback Vibration using built-in Haptic Reactor
Wireless Communication Proprietary communication utilizing 2.4GHz band
Maximum Simultaneous Connections Up to 8 pairs of gloves to a single PC (varies based on surrounding radio conditions)
Controller Inputs [1] Trigger / Grip / Touchpad (press)
Controller Inputs
(Additional Modules)
A / B / System / Joystick [2]
Compatible VR Headsets Various headsets compatible with SteamVR [3]
Compatible Applications VRChat / Other SteamVR applications [4][5]
Tracking Additional attachment of trackers, etc., required for compatibility with various tracking systems

# [Detailed Specifications]

  1. Input emulation using hand tracking data.
  2. To use A / B / System / Joystick inputs, separately sold input modules must be purchased additionally. Please refer to Button & Joystick Input Usage (opens new window) for usage details.
  3. Operation is not guaranteed on all headsets.
  4. Content must support Skeletal Input for independent hand tracking of each finger and joint in SteamVR.
    • As of November 2023, VRChat does not support Skeletal Input, but you can use the following hand tracking through our proprietary software:
      • Hand tracking compliant with Valve Index Controller
      • ContactGlove's independent finger and joint hand tracking
    • For more detailed specifications regarding hand tracking in VRChat, please refer to here (opens new window).
  5. Operation is not guaranteed on all SteamVR applications.